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Garage Door Repair McCordsville IN

Garage doors do not typically require an extensive amount of care, but it is important to keep your garage door in good order. A damaged garage door can be both an inconvenience and a hazard, but repairing a garage door requires experience and the right tools, and is best left to a McCordsville garage door repair professional. It can be very useful, however, to know a few easy and simple ways to keep your garage door working as well as possible. These tips will also help you catch any problems early on, though any serious issue will require our garage door repair company.

DIY Garage Door Care
It is good practice to check your garage door for problems at least once every six months, and contact our garage door repair service if any issues are detected. One of the most common things that fails on garage doors are the connections between the door and the railings on the side. The rate at which these connections fail depends on the type of door you have – monolith doors (one solid single piece) tend to have only a few connectors that fit into the tracks, and also tend to weigh more. This means that each connector bears a greater load, which means a shorter life span. Sectional doors, which break into several pieces as they are raised, have connections on each individual section. This spreads the load out and keeps the connections stable for longer.

Regardless of the type of door you have, you should check the connections and railings for rust or damage. Any bent or broken connections, or any amount of rust you can't easily remove on your own, is a good reason to contact our garage door repair McCordsville IN service. You will want to keep the railings free of debris and dirt, and a quick cleaning with a rag followed by a wipe down with some light household oil will keep things running smoothly.

Reliable McCordsville Garage Door Repair Services

Checking all the moving parts and mechanical components for signs of damage and rust is another good way to catch problems early. Mechanical problems in the garage door's control box are not typically very dangerous to fix, but an inexperienced handyman might make the problem worse. Our Garage Door Repair Company should be contacted for repairs of this type.

Safety Note
While there are a few options for home maintenance on garage doors, it is important to note a few points about safety. Garage doors tend to be very heavy – the weight of a garage door with a faulty safety system is enough to injure or kill pets and people alike. Checking your garage door's safety system (assuming it is a more modern door) is easy: simply take an object like a cardboard box and place it under the door, then attempt to close it. If your garage door has “safety eyes,” it should detect the object before the door comes into contact with it. Slightly older doors may make contact with the object before a pressure switch is flipped, then retract. If the box collapses under the weight of the door, it should be considered unsafe and serviced by a garage door repair technician as soon as possible. Refrain from using it until such time, especially if you have children or pets.

Garage doors with engine are especially dangerous, as the moving parts can catch or pinch very easily. Attempting to repair a motor or spring on your own can have expensive or even life-threatening consequences, and is generally a task best left to our McCordsville garage door repair service. Listen to your garage door's motor when it runs – if you notice any unusual sounds, or if it seems to be straining more than usual to lift the door, it is likely time to call our garage door repair company.

To reduce the amount of strain on your garage door, try to avoid leaving it partway open. This might seem like more of an issue for monolithic style doors, because of the weight hanging outward, but the same is true for sectional doors. This is because the weight of the door is shifted onto the vertical area of the rail, and this puts strain on the connectors unevenly, making them more likely to fail. If you spot any damaged connectors, don't use the door until one of our technicians has taken a look at it.