Responsible Garage Door Motor Installation McCordsville IN

Garage door motors tend to last a while (they are typically insured for around five or six years), but it's best to catch them before they fail. Having a malfunctioning garage door, especially one that does not feature a manual lift mechanism, can be a very irritating experience. Fortunately, McCordsville garage door repair new motor installation services make solving the problem easy, and there are a few things to look out for in order to catch the issue before it becomes a serious one. Any strange or unusually loud noises coming from the engine compartment could be a sign of a weakening motor. If the garage door seems to shudder as it is being lifted (mostly true for monolithic style doors), or if it seems “sticky,” contact a McCordsville garage door repair new motor installation technician and have them take a look.

You can increase the lifespan of your garage door motor by doing a little bit of bi-annual care. Simply clean the railings and connectors and lubricate the rails using a household oil – this prevents the engine from having to work as hard, and thus helps it keep working longer. Having the motor replaced will also generally mean a quieter, more energy efficient garage door, and our team can also install additional safety features for homes with children or pets